Kimberly Mitchell, Administrator, (901) 636-7347
Rose James, Community Housing Manager, (901) 636-7355
Timothy Saffold, Community Development Analyst, (901) 636-7316
Patricia Ellis, Community Development Analyst,(901) 636-7317
Curtis Lopez, Community Development Analyst, (901) 636-7352
Travis Young, Community Development Analyst, (901) 636-7431

Administers grant programs that develop housing, pay rental assistance and provide supportive services to low-income homeless and/or special needs populations. Special needs groups include persons with HIV/AIDS, the severely mentally ill, substance abusers, the elderly and the frail elderly, those with developmental and physical disabilities, and victims of domestic violence. The federally funded grants are awarded competitively to nonprofit agencies that serve the target populations. The Department also administers fair housing activities.



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