Mairi Albertson, Planning Administrator, (901) 636-7365
Felicia Harris, Planning Manager, (901) 636-7403
Matthew Grant, Planning Supervisor, (901) 636-7364
Cari Harris, Planning and Mapping Analyst, (901) 636-7323
Mildred Cummings, Planning Support Specialist, (901) 636-7370

The Planning and Development Department is responsible for preparing the Consolidated Plan Three-Year Strategy and Annual Action Plans and the Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report as required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The department pursues grants/funding opportunities and coordinates HCD's annual competitive grant process, the Strategic Community Investment Fund. Planning also undertakes neighborhood planning initiatives/special projects and research efforts including best practices, data collection and analysis, and GIS.

  • Prepare the Consolidated Plan, Annual Plan, and Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report
  • Encourage Citizen Participation in a meaningful way
  • Provide quality research, analysis, and GIS services for the division and partners
  • Seek and secure grant resources for the Division
  • Implement special projects
  • Coordinate the Division'sĀ Annual Competitive Grant ProcessĀ 



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