Harry Green, Administrator, (901) 636-7369
Latonya Alexander, Accounting Budget Manager, (901) 636-7306
Michael Weaver, Lead Staff Accountant, (901) 636-7378
Christine Fly, Staff Accountant, (901) 636-7475
Terita Hudson, Accounting Clerk, (901) 636-7137
Mattie Deener, Administrative Assistant, (901) 636-7400


HCD's Accounting Department provides technical assistance in the areas of Finance and Accounting to the division. The department coordinates, reviews, approves, and executes all pay requests, change orders, and journal entries received for further processing. It is the responsibility of the Accounting Department to ensure all documents forwarded are accurate and processed within a 24 to 48 hour turn around to City Hall's Accounts Payable.



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