Patrici Lane, Portfolio Manager (901) 636-7412
Greta Harris, Coordinator (901) 636-6763
Mikeesha Fuller, HCD Analyst (901) 636-6376
Toywaa Anderson , HCD Analyst (901) 636-7326
Antonia Thomas, Escrow Analyst (901) 636-7348
Latoya Robinson, HCD Analyst (901) 636-7340
Renee Reed, Part Time Clerk (901) 636-7387


The Portfolio Management Department administers loan servicing needs for the Division of Housing & Community Development and The Renaissance Business Center. 

Portfolio Management Department collects principal, interest and escrow payments from borrowers. The Loan Servicing process also includes; sending monthly statements, maintaining record of payments, balances, data management of loan documents, escrow analysis, and default management. Once the grant or loan is paid in full Portfolio Management release all liens. We also provides guidance to mortgagors regarding loss mitigation and payment plans to avoid foreclosures.

The City of Memphis Portfolio Management’s loans are funded by Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), City and Home funds and other Federal Grants. The payments collected by loan servicing are remitted to HCD’s Accounting Department and reprogrammed to eligible activities.



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